2023 backpapier at sootbörn

last year i wished to have sth where i can put for e.g. a sheet of paper and where it is modivied by heat
and this year there is already sth that does it and even more…thanks to sippel.solutions and gkn and peacepaperproject

2023 GKN backpapier teststrecke

2021 L&N mc release at vorwerkstift greenhouse (fotos: pedro torres)

2009 original „pagode“

other outdoor

2015 Velico Tarnovo „Quarantäne Group Show“ preparation collabo with Daniel van Eendenburg

2010 Pudelartbasel II „Außenlift für den Pudel“ Collabo mit Thomas Ehgartner
2009 Pudelartbasel I „ImmoBammBamm“ Collabo mit Nicola Reinmöller, Almut Grypstra, Hauke Zempel, Patrick Farzar, TenTen, Benni Bo and myself

2010 Atelierhaus Bullerdeich spielt im Hochwasserbassin

2002 Friesland „the burning of my first wooden head“